From Field To Bottle

1800® Tequila is defined by its rich and varied tastes, and the care by which it’s made

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Our Authentic, 220 year old recipe was the world’s first introduction to premium tequila

The Finest Ingredients

Our tequila has always been made without compromise – using 100% Weber blue agave, harvested at its peak, producing a quality liquid each and every time.

The Agave Plant


The heart of the agave plant is hand-harvested and distilled to perfection in the tequila making process

Penca (Leaf)

Tall spiny leaves protecting the heart of the blue agave plant are removed one-by-one by jimadores


The agave is a century plant, meaning it will bloom once in its lifetime


Our field workers are the backbone of our tequila. Dedicated jimadores harvest each agave piña by hand – a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

The Jimadores

An Ancient Practice

Jimadores are key to identifying the quality and maturity of our agaves for peak harvesting


The primary tool used by jimadores is called a “coa” - a razor-sharp blade on a long wooden handle


The craft of the agave harvest is still done entirely by hand

Distilling & Aging

From harvesting our agaves to distilling and aging all 1800® Tequila under the very best conditions, we own every step of the process to ensure that each sip is perfect.

The best taste

Each of our award winning tequilas are a reflection of the care and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle

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1800® Essential Artists Series

Limited edition bottles designed by world-renowned artists

1800® Milenio®

The ultimate luxury expression, extra-aged and matured in French Oak Cognac barrels

1800® Cristalino

An ultra-premium crystal clear añejo finished in port wine casks

1800® Añejo

A spicy amber spirit with bold flavor and a well-rounded finish

1800® Reposado

100% Weber blue agave aged in new American & French Oak barrels

1800® Coconut

Infused with natural, ripe coconut flavor

1800® Blanco

100% Weber blue agave, double distilled