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bottle of 1800 anejo tequila and a tumbler glass of 1800 new fashioned
1800 New Fashioned

There’s nothing old fashioned about this cocktail

bottle of 1800 coconut and glass of coco colada
Coco Colada

Cool off with this creamy cocktail

bottle of 1800 coconut and tumbler glass of coco ranch water
Coco Ranch Water

Keeping it light and fresh

bottle of 1800 coconut, 2 rocks glasses of coconut margarita and a bowl of plantain chips
Coconut Margarita

Coconut makes everything taste like summer

tumbler glass of coconut crusher cocktail
1800 Coconut Crusher

Tastes like a sup of sunshine

bottle of 1800 cristalino tequila and coupe glass of paloma cocktail
1800 Cristalino Paloma

Sparkling treat with fresh Vanilla

bottle of 1800 cristalino tequila and 2 champagne flutes of 75 jalisco cocktail
Jalisco 75

Sparkling wine meets 1800 Cristalino

cocktail shaker, bottle of 1800 cristalino and tumbler glass of margarita cocktail
1800 Cristalino Cristal Margarita

A Cristalino twist on a classic Margarita

bottle of 1800 reposado and coupe glass of the rosada cocktail
The Rosada

An elegant and fruity tipple

bottle of 1800 reposado with a rocks glass of tequilada

Cheers to this tequila and beer combo

coupe glass of reposado sunrise
Reposado Sunrise

As delicious as it is beautiful

tumbler glass of 1800 classic margarita

Fragrant ginger meets sour lime

bottle of 1800 tequila, half a grapefruit and paloma cocktail on a table
1800 Paloma

A refreshing classic refined with 1800